4 Yard Minimum on all pick up orders.
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Dark Pine

Our real Dark Pine Bark Mulch is the bark mulch that started us in the business. We have been known for all these years for how beautiful of a product the Dark Pine is. The mulch is dark brown with a touch of caramel in color. This product is made from real tree bark and has sat in a large pile to age for over a year. The color is all natural just like the product itself. Dark Pine is sure to compliment any garden or landscape with the classic New England look.


Our Black Bark Mulch is specially blended with softwoods and Pine bark mulch. It has been aged over time and is tinted with black environmentally safe colorant to get its deep, black color. The ebony coloring of the mulch brings a striking contrast to brightly colored flowers and gardens of all types.

Red Mix

The Red Mix Bark Mulch is a dynamic blondish color, with a touch of red. Becoming more and more popular with our customers, the Red Mix combines red tamarack pine and Cedar. The color of this ground bark mulch is uniquely to its own and will complement any yard by brightening up the landscape.


Our Hemlock is a striking red/burgundy color. We use pure hemlock bark mulch that is naturally aged and seasonally enhanced. Along with the rest of our mulch we only use the best materials to manufacture our products. Our Hemlock is sure to illuminate any landscape or garden.


Our woodchips are fresh ground from local tree companies. If you have a large open area that need clean woodchips, at a great price, then these are for you. We also take in clean chips from other companies.